Sunday, October 27, 2013

Equity and life-long learning in focus

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No child left behind: (Relative) equity in Finnish schools

Equity, support and life-long learning are important parts of Finnish education. Supporting students' learning skills starts during the early childhood education:

The aim of day-care is to support balanced growth, development and learning as well as promoting the personal well-being of all children, which means that by the time they start formal school at age 7, Finnish children that would have been behind developmentally at age 5 have had the time and the support to catch up. 
The vast majority of children are then ready to start formal learning together, though occasionally a student may stay at extra year in preschool if they aren't developmentally ready. As discussed previously, the children then pick things up more quickly once they start school, and remain engaged in their learning. All the grade 1s are expected to be reading by Christmas, and those that aren't are given extra support.
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